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Digital Ecosystem

The Brief

A large part of my role at Tribal involved overseeing microsite design for Westpac’s products. Budgets would rarely stretch to testing and iteration, so each project was essentially starting from fresh each time. Key opportunities to learn more about our users were constantly being missed, and the quality of our user experience was therefore diminished.

The Story

As Head of UX at the time I took the opportunity to introduce an iterative approach, so that each microsite built on the design of the one before. I built in a short round of low-cost user testing at the end of each project, the learnings from which were then fed into the next project. In this way, Westpac’s sites were constantly improving, with older sites updated as new designs were implemented.

This was the foundation of Westpac’s “Digital Ecosystem” – a way of bringing together dozens of disparate microsites under¬†a single visual language. As well as offering a more consistent user experience this introduced business efficiencies, as new designs could be quickly built out of documented, tested components.

This design language has now formed the basis of all Westpac campaign and microsites, and has also been rolled out retroactively to older sites.