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Performance Showroom

Volkswagen needed a new microsite to showcase their range of “Performance” GTi cars. The core strategy revolved around trying to communicate the feeling of speed, power and control of these cars via a web experience.

An agile workflow and healthy collaboration between art, UX and development was key to creating a high-spec experience in a short amount of time. We used WebGL to produce 3D scrolling effects, with a “secret” version of the page revealed when the user stepped on the gas and scrolled particularly quickly.

As UX lead on the project I made sure that these effects were exciting and delightful without getting in the way of the user’s journey through the site. Applying user-centred philosophies to animation (using Google’s recently-released Material spec as a guideline) ensured that they were core to the experience rather than bolted on for “flashy” purposes.

For example, to aid discoverability I introduced a tachyometer in place of the VW logo, which would show the user’s scrolling speed. This acted to hint that there was more to discover in the site and encouraged users to experiment.

The result was a great exploration of how to use modern browser technologies to produce novel experiences, whilst maintaining focus, purpose and utility.