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Understanding the student journey | Jonny Martyr – UX / Design / Music
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Student Journey Research

Faced with a newly competitive higher-education space, TAFE needed to adapt their offering to better suit both the needs of students and the realities of operating a business. How could they perform better as a business and continue to grow, whilst continuing to improve the experience for students?

Having recently adopted several changes to the way Student Central (TAFE’s on-campus support centres for students) operates, TAFE management wanted to understand the implications of their new designs.

I led on-the-ground research across three different student campuses to interview students, observe interactions and build a picture of the student experience. A “human analytics” system tied together data from a variety of sources as students moved through the space, interacting with staff members, contact centre phones, and self-service PCs.

I also directed design and development of an online “dashboard” that allowed remote senior staff to see real-time data demonstrating how each Student Central was performing.

The results of our research was written up into a report detailing observations, insights and recommendations for further development, as well as clear guiding principles to ensure TAFE’s design vision remained user-centred.