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About | Jonny Martyr – UX / Design / Music

About Me

Hello! I’m Jonny – part UX-designer, part musician. My philosophy on each informs the other – I enjoy blending the two worlds, with the pragmatism and problem-solving of UX merging with the freedom and open-mindedness of music.

My favourite part of both worlds however is the creativity. Coming up with new ideas, fleshing them out and seeing them come to life is one of the most rewarding experiences possible, whether that’s an elegant interaction, or a beautiful piece of music. I’m fortunate to have seen a number of my ideas realised in the real world, from an app to manage the maintenance of Scotland’s historic castles, to my debut album of neoclassical music. For a full work history please check out my LinkedIn.

How I Work

My design work centres around creativity, ideation and collaboration. I believe that the best design work comes from a combined vision, and our job as designers is to facilitate that discussion.

I see co-design and workshopping as the fundamental basis of this, combined with creatively synthesising research outputs to come up with innovative solutions.

I use sketching and rapid prototyping – whether physical or digital – to quickly work through ideas and concepts, before developing high-fidelity prototypes that can help guide the conversation with the wider development team.

Finally, I engage in ongoing user testing throughout development to keep the product on track and ensure we continue to keep the voice of the user central to the conversation.

My Skills

  • Research: User interviews, contextual inquiry, requirements gathering, business analysis, survey design
  • Workshopping: Co-design, stakeholder workshops, card sorting, synthesis
  • Design: Ideation, wireframing, prototyping, product design, UI & interaction design
  • Testing: User testing (remote & in-person), data analysis
  • Teamwork: Agile working, stakeholder management, product ownership, presentation & communication

My other loves in life are travel and culture – living on both sides of the world has allowed me to experience a wide range of perspectives on life and meet some fantastic people. There’s nothing like getting under the skin of a culture – the feeling of entering a foreign supermarket and knowing exactly where to find the laundry powder, or knowing which metro line is the quickest way home.