eCommerce Website

Maxwell & Williams needed a new product website as part of a wider brand refresh. However, they were not yet in a position to offer online shopping, so naturally a product-focussed website was likely to be underwhelming if users would have to go elsewhere anyway to fulfil their orders.

A competitive audit showed that other brands had failed to solve this problem; their websites were browse-heavy product directories, with no ability to convert to a purchase at the end.

Rather than falling into the same pattern, I came up with a “pinterest-style” site that offered a fast, curated voyage through all of Maxwell & Williams products, allowing users to explore styles and complementary products and thereby add utility and purpose to the site.

The key to the site concept was speed and discovery: I worked closely with the project art director to define a style that was clean, fresh and minimalist to remove unnecessary distractions, and with the lead developer to ensure products would load seamlessly and beautifully.

The result was a beautiful site that represented the brand well, provided utility to customers, and encouraged exploration of the product catalogue.