Charanga Music World

Charanga (a Brighton-based music education company) asked me to lead the design of a new educational website for kids to complement their existing materials for teachers.

The early stages of learning an instrument can be very dull, especially for children, so it was important to help them discover the excitement of music rather than be put off by drills and scales. Speaking to parents and children revealed that games were a huge part of their lives, so I used game mechanics and design ideas to create an online learning environment filled with fun and adventure.

Charanga Music World grew from a simple resource-sharing tool to a full online learning environment, complete with multiple environments to explore, hundreds of songs to learn and practice, and rewards for progression. Kids could design their own avatar, and earn coins to spend on new outfits and items to kit them out. This extrinsic reward system was carefully designed to help prop up the duller moments of learning an instrument, ensuring kids kept practicing and improving.

The site now has over 200,000 users worldwide, and has formed a core part of many teachers’ learning programs.