About Me

For the past six-and-a-bit years I’ve been doing my bit to rid the world of clunky, unfriendly interactions.

From waging a one man war against scrolljacking to advocating for user-centred design in a boardroom full of terrifying executives, my one goal is to make technology seamless, inviting, and beautiful to use.


Over the years I've had a go at a lot of things, but where I'm best is researching, coming up with concepts and seeing them through to finished solutions.

My typical workflow will begin with understanding the problem, conducting research and speaking to users and stakeholders to build a picture of the field of play.

From here I'll move onto ideation - collaboratively coming up with solutions and utilising multiple perspectives to think broader.

Once an idea is settled on I'll switch to design mode, and produce wireframes and prototypes that I can then take back to users and stakeholders for testing.

I love working in multi-disciplined teams and getting a chance to learn a bit more outside my existing skillset.


80% Complete
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Wireframing & Prototyping
95% Complete
Interaction Design
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UI Design
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Front-end Development
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