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My name is Jonny Martyr. I'm a User Experience Designer from Brighton, UK, currently working with Tribal Worldwide in Melbourne.

I specialise in producing vibrant, exciting and easy-to-use designs for the web, mobile and NUIs, using User-Centred Design principles to maximise usability and user experience.

To see some of my previous projects, check out my portfolio. If what I do sounds interesting, get in touch!

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About Me

I am a User Experience designer with over 5 years experience working in digital advertising, videogames and eLearning. In the past I have designed everything from entire websites to individual page elements, and enjoy bringing User-Centred Design principles to the development process.

I graduated first-class from the University of Sussex in Brighton in 2008, and have since worked on a number of exciting projects, including cutting-edge educational products and AAA-quality videogames. My work has included:

  • User Experience and Customer Experience design for Telstra’s flagship “Store of the Future” in Sydney, working with large-format multitouch tables and innovative user interfaces.

  • Overseeing all UX on client projects for Westpac, Volkswagen, McDonalds, Telstra, RSL, VicHealth, Maxwell & Williams & BWS.

  • Leading the design and development of Charanga Music World, a market-leading instrumental teaching product that currently has over 100,000 users around the world, with 15,000 visits per month.

  • Undertaking client consultation work to assess and improve user experience for a variety of websites.

I'm also a musician and sound designer, and have had my music and audio featured in a variety of places, from game soundtracks to radio playlists.


Over the years I have developed a wide range of skills. These include:


  • User Centred Design

  • User Research

  • Wireframing & Prototyping

  • Interaction Design

  • Web Design

  • Email & Document Design

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Product Management



  • Javascript

  • PHP

  • Actionscript 2/3

  • Wordpress & Comatose

  • Version Control

  • Quality Assurance

  • Technical Support & Training


  • Technical Writing

  • SEO Copywriting

  • Audio & Video Production

  • Voiceover Recording

  • Screencasting


Here's what a few people have said about working with me:

"Jonny's work has been outstanding. He has proved himself to be a brilliant UX Designer, and a great guy to work with.

I would recommend him without hesitation."

Paul Davison, Head of Design, Charanga Ltd

"Jonny is a very talented young man and it was a real pleasure working with him at Charanga.

He has a great ability to analyse requirements and confidently operate in discussions and negotiations at all levels. He would be a real asset to any team."

Geoff Drummond, Project Manager, Charanga Ltd

"Apart from being an absolute pleasure to work with Jonny had a good sense of the internal structure and workings of a games company.

He was not afraid to put across his views and did so in a professional manner, which is rare. I would most certainly recommend Jonny just on these qualities alone."

Terry Lee, Quality Assurance Engineer, Relentless Software

"Jonny demonstrated an extremely well-motivated and conscientious attitude to his work, which was of a high academic standard.

His results were consistently in the first class category and he was a very good student to work with."

Paul Newbury, Lecturer, University of Sussex

Why UX?

So why does your business need a User Experience Designer? User Experience is a very broad and all-encompassing discipline, but at it's core a good UX means:

  • A quality design that your users will love returning to. Return customers mean repeat business, and nothing puts people off more than a clunky, confusing or poorly-considered design.

  • Empowering users to find what they need. Websites often make it difficult for users to locate the information that applies to them. User Experience design considers the needs of the users, and creates a solution that works for them.

  • Reducing leads lost to poor design. Users frustrated by a weak design may leave your site before they find what they came for, potentially never to return. Good UX helps to retain users and convert them into customers.

  • A high return on investment. Good UX increases retention and reduces the need for customer support & training.

  • Reduced development costs. Developing with User-Centred Design principles means fewer false starts and work wasted due to not understanding user needs.

  • A firm base in research and understanding. Good UX starts with learning about your users. By understanding their needs you can be sure your solution meets them effectively.

Get In Touch!

Sound interesting? Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to chat about anything.